Purva Tree Haven is conveniently located near Nice Road in Uttarahalli, Off Kanakapura Road, South Bangalore. This strategic location provides residents with excellent connectivity to key areas in Bangalore, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both convenience and tranquillity.

The project encompasses a sprawling 4.6 acres of land. This extensive land area allows for the creation of a spacious and lush green environment that is conducive to a high-quality living experience.

The project falls outside the purview of RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act) since it received it’s Occupation Certificate before the enforcement of RERA regulations. This ensures that the project adheres to all necessary legal and quality standards.

The airport is at a distance of 42.6km from Purva Tree Haven.

BMICAPA (Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Area Planning Authority) is the approval authority for this project. Their stamp of approval ensures that the project adheres to the highest urban planning and development standards.

BMICAPA (Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Area Planning Authority) has provided the necessary approvals for the layout plan, confirming that the project complies with urban development guidelines and regulations.

Purva Tree Haven allocates 0.46 acres of land to lush park spaces. These open areas enhance the project's aesthetics and offer residents serene green spaces for leisure and relaxation.

Property registration for Purva Tree Haven is conducted at the Bangalore Sub Registrar's office, ensuring the legal authenticity of your property.

The project falls under the jurisdiction of BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike), which governs property-related matters and taxation within Bangalore.

Property taxes for Purva Tree Haven are payable to BBMP, ensuring you can easily fulfil your property tax obligations.

In line with design considerations and feasible setbacks, the maximum height allowed for villa construction within the project is 10m. This ensures a harmonious architectural blend within the community.

Purva Tree Haven has obtained the crucial Occupation Certificate (OC) from BMICAPA (Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Area Planning Authority). This certificate signifies that the project meets all the necessary safety and construction standards.

The project features a 12.3m road in front of the properties, providing ample space for vehicular movement and ensuring accessibility.

The project carefully incorporates softscapes (plants and greenery) and hardscapes (paved surfaces) along the roads and within the parks. These elements are thoughtfully designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the community.

The internal road network within the project is well-planned, and the farthest site is approximately 400m from the entry point. This ensures easy accessibility to all parts of the community.

Purva Tree Haven does not feature a Clubhouse. Instead, the project focuses on creating green spaces and amenities that embrace nature and foster a sense of community.

One of the standout features of this project is its commitment to preserving the existing trees on-site. These mature trees contribute to the lush, green environment of the community, providing a unique and refreshing aspect to life at Purva Tree Haven.

The underground sump, designed to store and distribute water, is located in Park 2 within the project. This strategic placement ensures efficient water management.

The Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for the project is also situated in Park 2. This facility is essential for responsible waste management and environmental sustainability.

The transformer, which handles electrical distribution, is situated in Park 2. However, no Diesel Generator (DG) provision has been made as part of this plotted development.

A designated area of 0.23 acres has been set aside per the sanctioned civic amenities plan. This space is intended to enhance the community's overall living experience.

The internal road network features a total width of 10m, including the carriageway, planting areas, and paved surfaces. This configuration ensures smooth traffic flow within the community.

Purva Tree Haven, a bespoke community with a lush green environment strategically located off Kanakapura Road in the rapidly developing area of Bangalore, offers residents easy access to essential amenities, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Facilities, and more, making it an ideal place to call home.

As there is no clubhouse within the project, the focus is on providing a close connection to nature through the project's green spaces and outdoor amenities.

Purva Tree Haven boasts of a range of outdoor amenities, including a Foliage garden, Butterfly garden, Herb garden, Walking track, Amphitheatre seating, and spacious lawns. These amenities foster a strong sense of community and provide residents with ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation amidst nature.

The project offers three types of plot dimensions, catering to diverse preferences: Regular, Rectangular, and Garden plots. This variety ensures that residents can choose the perfect plot that aligns with their vision for their dream home.

Purva Tree Haven features a single main entry and exit point, ensuring controlled access and security for the community.

The property offers plots with East, West, and North facings, allowing residents to select the orientation that suits their preferences and needs.

The project dedicates 0.46 acres of land to lush park spaces and greenery. These green areas not only enhance the project's visual appeal but also provide serene spots for residents to unwind and connect with nature.

The Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is designed per the project's specific capacity requirements, ensuring efficient sewage treatment and responsible waste disposal.

The project incorporates a security cabin at the main entrance, enhancing safety and surveillance within the community.

The project features an underground LT (Low Tension) cabling network with power cables at each plot. This meticulous electrical infrastructure design aligns with the project's overall quality and compliance with sanctioned authority requirements.

No, there are no Rajakaluve (storm water drains) within the project. The absence of these drains ensures a well-maintained and unobstructed landscape within the community.

Storm water drains on the roads have not been diverted within the project. Instead, they are thoughtfully designed to lead to a nearby lake as part of the overall drainage system, ensuring responsible water management and environmental sustainability.

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