The Renaissance Reborn

Tivoli Hills, the introductory offering of Purva Land is the first plotted development of its kind. Inspired by a town nestled in the serene hills of central Italy. Every nook and corner of this development is purpose built to emulate this Renaissance era town, from the architecture of the streets to the gardens.

Land ownership was considered as an entry into the ranks of nobility in the days of the Renaissance. The foresight of the people who built this town in Italy benefitted multiple generations that came after them.

The land at Tivoli Hills will serve as a foundation for your dreams that can be carried forward for generations to come. Tivoli hills is an experience of nobility and decadence, surrounded by intricately designed luxury that is reminiscent of the beauty and allure of Renaissance era Italy.

The pinnacle of art, design, and nature.

Land that is going to be a part of history, merging the beauty of nature with the skill of man to bring to life a community reminiscent of Renaissance era Italy.

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The Districts of Tivoli Hills

The birth of the Renaissance was in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. You can walk through streets of Florence even today and see a heavenly blend of manmade and natural beauty, especially in the legendary Piazzas of the city. The piazzas are the public squares in Florence where people gather and converse, they hold an important place in Italian culture.

At Tivoli Hills we have mirrored the beauty of the Renaissance to bring alive the streets and lanes of our development. They will be designed and constructed to instantly transport you to a piazza in Florence, even though you would be standing in the foothills of Nandi hills, Devanahalli.

Carrying forward our theme, the 4 different districts situated in our development at Tivoli Hills have been named after different Piazzas in Florence that they draw inspiration from. These being...

Piazza Santa Croce

Piazza Santa Croce is a beautiful neighborhood in Florence, home to the remarkable Basilica of Santa Croce. The captivating square is surrounded by historic buildings and is a crossroad of history, culture and art. Tivoli Hills embodies the artistic essence of the Piazza with its very own district named Santa Croce. The heart of development, it provides luxuries like a spectacular sculpture park for you to wander in peace and experience serenity, along with a spacious pet park and other incredible amenities.

Piazza Santa Maria Novella

Piazza Santa Maria Novella is one of the main squares in Florence. One of the most beautiful, it becomes the top attraction in the city. The Basilica of this Piazza is a stunning example of how beautiful Renaissance architecture is. Mirroring its enchanting essence, Tivoli Hills has a district with the same name. Home to the largest plots in the development, it provides luxurious amenities like Plaza Centro, the home of excitement and pleasure. With an eco trail running along the ditches, it stands as an epitome of decadence and sustainability, just like Piazza Santa Maria Novella of Florence.

Piazza San Marco

Located in the picturesque city of Venice, San Marco houses most of the artistic landmarks. The neighborhood features narrow alleyways and winding canals which add to its lovely charm. This Venetian elegance is encapsulated in one of the districts of our developments. San Marco of Tivoli Hills has the highest number of plots, becoming the bustling heartbeat of the development. It also offers magnificent amenities like no other neighborhood. Surrounded by a lovely topiary, glorious Hammock garden, and numerous sport courts among others, San Marco district mirrors the enchanting spirit of the Piazza in Venice.

Piazza San Lorenzo

Piazza San Lorenzo is a hidden gem located in Rome. Although the Piazza is a haven of luxury and art, its beauty lies in the solitude it offers. Away from the bustling city of Rome, you can relish peace in this Piazza. Much like it, San Lorenzo of Tivoli Hills offers calm and serenity. Home to an enchanting sensory park, a striking space for outdoor barbeque, and wholesome bonfire pits, this district is one of the top attractions of the development.


  • - Nandi Hills - 40 min
  • - International Airport - 10 min
  • - Devanahalli Business Park - 20 min
  • - Columbia Asia Hospital - 30 min
  • - KIADB IT Park - 30 min
  • - DIPL IT Hub - 30 min
  • - Oxford English School - 10 min

Financial Institutions:

  • - State Bank of India
  • - HDFC Bank


  • - Nandi Hills
  • - Hema Hills
  • - Bettakote Lake

Healthcare Institutions:

  • - NRV Hospital
  • - Government Hospital

Educational Institutions:

  • - Shanthinikethan Public School
  • - Sterling English School Devanahalli


  • - Devanahalli Business Parks
  • - KIADB IT Tech Park
  • - XSYSYS Technologies Park


  • - Solace Resorts and spa
  • - Signature Club Resort

Tivoli Hills – Location Map




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