If you’re seeking a lucrative property investment opportunity in the real estate market, Bangalore emerges as the top contender. It stands tall as the dominant force in the market, offering many high-value deals and investment prospects. Among these, Purva Tivoli Hills by Purva Land has been creating quite a buzz since it is an Italian-themed plotted development project near the airport. 

This exceptional plotted development project draws inspiration from the architecture of the Italian Renaissance era and promises to bring the best of both worlds — city conveniences and premium lifestyle opportunities. With vast expanses of open spaces, intricate topiary gardens and magnificent sculpture parks, Purva Tivoli Hills is an elite destination for housing that even first-time buyers can consider.

Why is Purva Tivoli Hills a Smart Investment Choice?

Its strategic location sets Purva Tivoli Hills apart as a first-time real estate investment. Situated in one of Bangalore’s fastest-growing areas, it offers exceptional connectivity and proximity to thriving IT and manufacturing hubs. The presence of renowned Educational Institutions nearby further enhances its appeal to families and professionals. Moreover, Purva Tivoli Hills offers many amenities catering to diverse interests, from relaxation and leisure activities to more luxurious indulgences. Its commitment to accessible healthcare and proximity to world-class Hospitality Facilities ensures a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of Purva Tivoli Hills in detail:

  • The Ideal Location

For those searching for their first real estate investment, it is crucial to consider the location and accessibility in terms of local commute. Purva Tivoli Hills in Devanahalli, Bangalore, stands out as an excellent choice, situated in one of the city’s fastest-growing areas with exceptional connectivity and a thriving IT and manufacturing industry. Located just 32.6 km from Manyata Tech Park, 7 km from Devanahalli Business Park and 16.4 km from Aerospace Park, it’s the perfect location for professionals looking for a convenient commute. Families with children will appreciate the top-rated international schools in the area, such as, Akash International School (3.4kms), Innovators International School (3.8kms), The Schools for Global Minds (6.2kms), Gitanjali International School (10.4kms) Canadian International School (23.2 km), National Public School (24.1 km) and a few more.

In addition, there are several reputable colleges nearby, including Akash Medical College (5.1kms), Nagarjuna Pre-University College (12.3 km), M.S. Engineering College (14.8 km), Nagarjuna College Of Engineering & Technology (12.9 km) and Chinmayee Pre-University College (3.3 km). Purva Tivoli Hills offers a prime location for those seeking a wise real estate investment, with the bonus of excellent education facilities.

  • The Plethora of Amenities Available

The plotted development presents an exceptional array of amenities catering to diverse interests and preferences, ranging from simple leisure activities to more luxurious indulgences. The options for relaxation and entertainment are abundant, including a clubhouse and children’s play area, a swimming pool, and a jogging track, which are perfect for unwinding and escaping from the stresses of daily life. 

For individuals seeking more exclusive experiences, many options are available, such as a sculpture park, a pet park, an eco-trail, an outdoor gym, a bonfire pit, a beach volleyball court, a skating rink and a futsal court. Moreover, the project also boasts of a herb garden, among other amenities, which makes it exceedingly attractive to prospective homebuyers, especially first-timers, leading to a surge in demand and property values.

  • Accessible Healthcare and Hospitality Facilities

As a newcomer to the world of property investment, it is only natural to seek out locations that offer easy access to several premium options. You want to ensure that you’re taking care of your material and mental well-being while being free to move about easily. If this is what you’re after, look no further than Purva Tivoli Hills. 

This exceptional location has everything you need right at your fingertips. Purva Tivoli Hills has you covered with plots near Bangalore airport to state-of-the-art Healthcare Facilities such as Aster CMI, NRV Hospital, and Omega Multispecialty Hospital. And that’s not all. You will also be near top-rated hotels like Taj Airport Hotel, JW Marriott Bengaluru, Olde Bangalore, Clarks Exotica, Goldfinch Retreat and Jade Garden. With all these outstanding facilities at your disposal, you can rest assured that your experience at Purva Tivoli Hills will be exceptional.


In the ever-evolving world of real estate investment, selecting the right property can be a pivotal decision. Purva Tivoli Hills in Devanahalli is ideal for first-time investors seeking a profitable venture. For first-time real estate investors, Purva Tivoli Hills promises profitable returns and a thriving community in the heart of Devanahalli. This makes the project a great investment opportunity that seamlessly blends luxury, convenience and growth potential. Embrace the promise of Purva Tivoli Hills and embark on your journey towards a prosperous real estate investment.

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