A piece of earth is the best investment, they say. Investing in a piece of land as an asset class has levelled up more so in the IT capital of our country-Bangalore. Multi-national companies spurring professional growth and pleasant weather are alluring options for real estate investors. According to realtors, this asset class is flourishing after the pandemic. The luxury of a majestic personal space and the surge in land acquisitions by top-notch realtors vouch for increased land investment. Plotted developments present a lucrative investment opportunity, especially with a brand synonymous with luxury – Purva Land.

From the brand that promises bespoke luxury living, we present Purva Oakshire- a one-of-its-kind project that amalgamates the growing urban demands with distinctive plotted development. Let’s deep dive into the land of palatial living!

Purva Oakshire, nestled in Bengaluru’s growth corridor

North and East Bengaluru, are riding on the bandwagon of tremendous growth in Bengaluru. While you fly in and out of Bengaluru from the North, the East boasts the local sparks of the city-employment and transport. Upcoming lines of Namma Metro in the zones will shrink the city for the neighbourhoods. The North and East of Bengaluru offer mixed-use neighbourhoods with an environment that supports businesses and residents. At the epicentre is Purva Oakshire – a count-themed luxury plotted development. Your future home is bound to reap the benefits of connectivity and community. 

Soak in the luxury land of Purva Oakshire

As you enter Rampura, you’ll find an expanse of possibilities on Aavalahalli Road. Purva Oakshire is located here as an exceptional, one-of-a-kind gated plotted development for you to build a distinctive dream home. You can pick your plot from 3 distinct Greater London – inspired neighbourhoods for your home: Kensington, Mayfair, and Paddington. Your neighbours will be the select few of 175 families to call this place home. Spread across a ~35 Acres area, this development converges around ~ 6 Acres boulevard, waking you up to a refined living experience. Living in Purva Oakshire means living with lush greenery, finely crafted landscaping, and natural biodiversity. 

Peek into the Purva Oakshire lifestyle

Imagine waking up to chirping birds and an unparalleled view! Catch a few butterflies on your nature walks and smile with splendid contentment. With a bouquet of amenities, you can expect your future home to resemble a film set in Greater London. Decorated with regal architectural features, the community amenities soothe your days and weekends like a well-developed itinerary. Think of it as the place to unwind and immerse yourself in the planned goodness. Break from the daily grind with myriads of entertainment options at the multi-use clubhouse. You can then bring out your inner Bhupathi or Tendulkar with the expansive multipurpose courts. Looking for more adrenaline rush? Try out our detailed gym with state-of-the-art equipment, or dip in our swimming pool. Ease off your day by pampering your pet in the dedicated area and sleep to beautiful dreams. 

Purva Oakshire is found in plain sight, yet it’s beginning to sound like treasure. The future is unpredictable, but a home that welcomes luxuries wrapped in abundant joys is sure with Purva Oakshire!

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