A city that is as rooted in culture and tradition as it is comfortable in its cosmopolitan avatar – that’s Chennai for you.  Over the past few years, this coastal metropolis has been making waves as India’s hotbed of real estate development. According to a recent report, Chennai’s residential property market witnessed an exponential growth of 21% in the first half of last year. There’s a remarkable rise in the demand for plotted developments, especially in the post-Covid scenario. So, what makes this Southern city a sought-after destination in the realty market? The answer lies in a combination of factors. 

It has a thriving job market in the health, automotive, IT, biotechnology, and hardware sectors. Studies rank Chennai among the top three Indian cities with the highest hiring sentiment in the services and manufacturing sectors for the period from January to March 2023. It is also among the top three cities in the country when it comes to employing female applicants. Along with being a job hub, its popularity in the real estate market also ensures a good return on investment, whether rental or resale. As the city expands due to market exhaustion, many satellite towns — Minjur, Chengalpet, Kancheepuram, and Thirumazhisai — are witnessing unparalleled growth. Of these, Thirumazhisai deserves special mention as it is developing almost at the speed of Chennai. 

Thirumazhisai: A Dream Destination

Located just 30 minutes away from the heart of Chennai, Thirumazhisai is emerging as a destination de choix among home buyers and investors – not surprising at all, given that it ticks every condition on your checklist. 

Smooth Accessibility

The satellite town, falling under the CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority) area, is unmatched in terms of connectivity. Plans are afoot for a 25-acre integrated bus terminal at Kuthambakkam village near Thirumazhisai. This facility will ease congestion and enhance intra-city connectivity. Secondly, the National Highway Authority of India has announced a Six-Way Elevated Expressway, which passes through Thirumazhisai, Poonamallee (the nearest town), and Sriperumbudur. This will connect to the Chennai – Bengaluru National Highway, thus facilitating smoother intercity and interstate travel. Chennai’s upcoming second airport, which will be built at Pannur, is a mere 45-minute drive from Thirumazhisai. Finally, once the Metro rail extension from Poonamallee to Thirumazhisai is completed, travel within the city will become synonymous with convenience, comfort and quickness. 

A Haven Of Professional Opportunities 

In urban India, especially the Metros, travel time to work has become a major cause of stress. Seemingly endless hours stuck in traffic have become a nightmare for many office-goers. But with its excellent connectivity and proximity to employment centres, commute to work is hardly a concern for those staying in Thirumazhisai. Especially significant is its close proximity to SIPCOT, a 35,043-acre industrial area, which boasts around 24 industrial parks and 6 Special Economic Zones. A hotbed of job opportunities, it is less than an hour’s travel by road from Thirumazhisai. And once the Metro line becomes operational, traffic time will further reduce considerably. It also boasts several commercial institutions like the Chennai branch of Kingfishers Beverages, Lotte Chocolates, Coca-Cola, India Japan Lighting Ltd., Stanadyne Amalgamation Pvt. Ltd. and Caterpillar India. The automotive giants in the city include names like Ashok Leyland, Nissan, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Renault, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Mitsubishi, and TAFE Tractors, to name a few.

Social Infrastructure: Simply Sterling 

Almost as important as proximity to the place of work is easy accessibility to social infrastructure. And, Thirumazhisai ranks high in this aspect as well. It is home to stellar educational institutions like Chennai Public School, Jacob Mat. School, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Alpha College of Engineering, and International Maritime Academy.  Reputed healthcare facilities, including Sri Sudharsanam Hospital and Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, are also nearby. And, if you want to let your hair down after a hard day at work, there are many recreational and shopping centres in the vicinity.  

Incomparable Investment Option

One of the fastest-growing satellite towns of Chennai, property rates in Thirumazhisai is expected to witness an exponential rise – an irresistible opportunity for those planning to invest in real estate. It’s also a perfect choice for those looking to build and design their dream home. In the post-pandemic world, the popularity of plotted developments has witnessed a remarkable rise, owing to many factors – open space, the joy of building your home the way you want, and good investment returns. 

Redefining Splendour

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