The concept of sustainable development was introduced to the world over 50 years ago (in 1972). Since then, it has been an increasingly dominant factor in all domains of our existence – from inside our homes to industries and businesses, including real estate. In the realty sector, sustainable development can be defined as designing, building and operating properties with minimal environmental impact. Sustainability is the key to our future, and as one of India’s most trusted developers, Purva Land takes its commitment to the planet and environment with utmost sincerity and seriousness. Be it the plots in Bangalore, plots in Chennai or plots in Coimbatore, every project is a testimony to our unwavering pledge in this regard. 

Nurturing Nature

Each Purva Land project is an inspiring example of coexistence with its surroundings – an oasis of serenity where nature is nurtured, and you can rejoice in its abundance and splendour. Be it tapping into renewable energy by installing solar lights or protecting the environment by ensuring zero waste, sustainability is not just a grand promise or a magnificent theory for us – it is an everyday practice, the only way to be.  

Water conservation is another area of priority for us – using recycled water, harvesting rainwater and fitting high-efficiency meters have reduced freshwater usage significantly. Laudable efforts have also been made to replenish groundwater by constructing numerous seasonal ponds, which are havens of biodiversity. Every Purva Land project – be it the Tivoli Hill plots or the villa plots in Porur – is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Mixing fly ash with cement is another steady stride towards reducing carbon emissions. It also reduces water consumption, boosts durability and conserves natural resources. It’s our constant endeavour to create not only a beautiful present but an even more fulfilling future. 

Fortifying The Future

The foundation of our tomorrow is strengthened – or weakened – by what we do today. So, it’s imperative that we embrace a lifestyle that ensures a healthier future for the planet and its inhabitants. Sustainable living not only reduces pollution and conserves our precious natural resources but also creates immense employment possibilities. With rising demand for eco-friendly products, more industries are becoming aware of the importance of adopting green practices, thus creating more employment opportunities. With each person following a sustainable lifestyle, a healthy society is created, and every eco-friendly step taken – for example, the seasonal ponds and a multitude of trees and plants at all Purva Land properties – boosts biodiversity.  

At Purva Land, we don’t just aim for luxury and exclusivity. They have become synonymous with the brand, but what we strive for is an unparalleled experience of holistic well-being— that unique feeling of being one with nature, resonating with it.  We firmly believe in and live by the principle that each individual is a custodian of this planet’s future and, hence, equally responsible for it. 

Exemplary Commitment To The Environment

Purva Land projects are fully water-sensitive and eco-conscious. Most of the water that comes into the site is collected and reutilised to sustain the entire community and help rehabilitate the drying water table in compliance with the highest quality standards. Furthermore, the innovative water management features pave the way for current and future generations of residents to live a life of high luxury and fulfilment. So, if you are planning to buy plots in Bangalore or buy land in Chennai, Purva Land is beckoning you!

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