South Chennai has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as a beacon of urban development and real estate potential. The demand for plots in this region has been rising for good reasons. From new roads to better connectivity, South Chennai is slowly emerging as one of the bustling hubs of Tamil Nadu.

We’ll explore how the growth in South Chennai is making land more valuable. One of the prominent areas in focus is Guduvancheri, which has emerged as a hotspot for real estate development and investment. Purva Land, a reputable entity in the real estate sector, offers several options that can help buyers find worthwhile investments in real estate. 

Infrastructural Development in South Chennai

The development of infrastructure in South Chennai has given the region a boost as a sought-after spot for real estate. Gone are the days when this city was known for its humidity and conservative vibe. 

The city has taken giant leaps in its infrastructure, drawing people and investors from across the country. The city’s telecom and transportation systems have become top-notch, and plots for sale in Chennai‘s prime locations are attracting attention from both investors and plot buyers.

The government’s involvement is evident, too, with projects like the Chennai Metro Rail expansion, significant road extensions and urban infrastructural development. All this has made life better and the traffic less hectic. 

As South Chennai grows into a modern city, the infrastructural improvements are tempting for real estate investment in Chennai – whether for homes or businesses. Plots in areas in South Chennai like Guduvancheri, Kannivakkam, Kayarambedu, Urapakkam, Vandalur, Perungulathur, Medavakkam, Poonamallee and Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) are highly appreciable owing to the availability of all basic amenities and facilities. And, among the mentioned list, the Guduvancheri area is the most preferred location for the advantages it provides. This locale is emerging as a big residential location with the IT corridor and several projects underway, giving multiple options.

Top Locations with Extensive Infrastructural Growth for Investment in South Chennai

Guduvancheri: Where Connectivity Counts

Guduvancheri is situated in the south-western part of Chennai. A significant boost to Guduvancheri’s accessibility comes from expanding critical road networks, notably the Chennai Outer Ring Road (CORR). This enhancement reduces travel time and adds to the allure for potential investors in the real estate domain.

The Guduvancheri Railway Station is a vital transportation hub, significantly bolstering regional connectivity. This has played a pivotal role in driving up demand for real estate, ultimately boosting property values.

Moreover, proposed industries and businesses in Guduvancheri like the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Limited (TIDCO) have selected 250 acres of land in Potheri and 100 acres of land near DLF in Chennai for their proposed project, Financial Tech City. This project is set to follow the Hub and Spoke model, also integrating international banks and stock exchange centres within. Nearby areas around Maraimalai Nagar like Potheri and Guduvancheri will greatly benefit from this proposed project, ushering in a wave of employment opportunities. This economic vibrancy has already increased investment returns for plots in South Chennai and positively impacted property values.

Kelambakkam: The Residential Tech Hub 

Kelambakkam has transformed into a bustling residential and commercial centre, primarily due to its proximity to the bustling IT corridors of OMR and East Coast Road Project (ECR). 

The presence of numerous IT parks and tech companies, such as SIPCOT IT Park, Krisp IT Park and Olympia Tech Park, along the OMR, has attracted a young, dynamic workforce who seek convenient living arrangements. This surge in demand has translated into a heightened interest in plots and real estate developments in Kelambakkam. The evolution of Social Infrastructure, including Shopping Malls, Entertainment Hubs and Healthcare Facilities, has transformed Kelambakkam into a self-sufficient township. For instance, Grand Marina Mall, Vivira Mall and Palladium Mall are quite popular in the area. Moreover, the September 2023 announcement by Chennai Metro Rail Limited about extending metro rail connectivity by linking nearby areas via Kelambakkam has drawn the attention of real estate developers. 

Sholinganallur: Tech Hub with Modern Amenities 

Sholinganallur has emerged as a vibrant hub for technology and modern living in South Chennai, making it a hotspot for real estate investment. Noted for being an established IT hub and a developing residential locality, Sholinganallur is conveniently situated along the IT corridor of OMR in South Chennai. 

Its quick development is credited to the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and IT business parks that have aided the rise of the infrastructure, people and economy. The proximity to the Chennai International Airport, Elcot SEZ and the commercial centres of Tech Mahindra and Iceil Systems Private Limited further bolsters the locality’s accessibility.  

Navalur: Emerging Commercial and Residential Destination 

Navalur, situated along the OMR, is swiftly emerging as a sought-after commercial and residential destination in South Chennai. It has evolved from a quiet town to a bustling neighbourhood due to IT firms’ rise and Old Mahabalipuram Road’s growth. Its suitable location along the OMR, just 5 km from the Sholinganallur junction, has made it a sought-after hotspot with appreciated property values and robust infrastructure. Local entities have been tracking property prices in this area and have found Navalur to be a worthwhile investment. Due to these developments, the infrastructural facilities are second to none. 

Furthermore, its proximity to work opportunities, appreciating property values and well-developed road infrastructure contribute to its desirability. Notably, the proposed Metro Corridor 3 (Madhavaram-SIPCOT) under Phase 2 of the Chennai Metro is set to enhance connectivity further. Despite challenges like traffic and sanitation, Navalur’s blend of convenience, connectivity and urban amenities makes it an attractive choice for residents and investors.

Perumbakkam: Promising Urban Growth 

Perumbakkam is a suburb in the southeast situated in the Chengalpattu District of Chennai. It is surrounded by prominent localities such as Medavakkam and Sholinganallur, and the places in the locality are accessible via the ECR Link Road. Known for housing numerous IT companies and surrounding residential developments, Perumbakkam uniquely blends urban life with nature’s scenic beauty. 

Governed by the Greater Chennai Corporation, it enjoys connectivity to major roads like Velachery-Tambaram Road and Medavakkam-Sholinganallur Road, making it well-connected to crucial areas and modes of transportation. 

Perumbakkam’s proximity to employment hubs like Sholinganallur and OMR and its range of housing options, from apartments to residential plots, contribute to its appeal to residents and investors.


The rapid growth of South Chennai’s infrastructure in areas such as Guduvancheri, Kelambakkam and Thirumazhisai has significantly enhanced plot values across the state. Given this, developers like Purva Land have grabbed this opportunity and have introduced a few plotted developments in the city. Purva Land offers exceptional opportunities for investors and plot buyers looking to secure their place in this flourishing real estate landscape.

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