Chennai has been a significant place for real estate investments for a long time. Recently, there has been an inclination towards buying plots in the Southern region of the city. This has created an intriguing dynamic for both plot buyers and investors. 

The Benefits of Real Estate Investment in South Chennai 

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is a pivotal economic and cultural epicentre within the dynamic landscape of South India. Over the past years, there have been strides in development, effectively solidifying its reputation as a magnet for diverse industries and many promising job prospects. Thus, the investments in plots in the region can’t be overstated as they promise the potential for substantial and sustained returns over time.

  • The Ever-Evolving City

Chennai has emerged as a robust economic hub with opportunities in various sectors because of its historical significance and geographic advantages. This is evident in the growth of domestic and international businesses that have chosen to establish their operations in this city. According to a recent report, the economic growth in Chennai has been quite encouraging, with Tamil Nadu’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2022-23 reaching 8.19%. Moreover, the report says that this growth has been ‘equitable’, which means South Chennai has also received the benefits of such development.

Such a dynamic economic environment creates a ripple effect, fostering an environment where industries thrive and job opportunities flourish. Given this increase in employment prospects, many have chosen to reside in the city in order to grow professionally. With this influx of migrants, the residential market has also witnessed increasing demand. 

  • Growth of Infrastructure

Chennai has witnessed a remarkable phase of infrastructural development, encompassing a spectrum of transformative initiatives. These undertakings have resulted in the expansion of roads, strategic highways and enhanced public transportation networks. In tandem with these advancements, the city is home to an international airport and the second-largest seaport in India, collectively contributing to trade and commerce. Some important developments currently seen in the region include the expansion of GST Road from four to eight lanes. The New Mofussil Terminus can now accommodate 2000+ buses, which will boost connectivity further. 

  • Coastal Location

Chennai is located near the Bay of Bengal on the Coromandel Coast, with stunning beaches and lovely coastal weather. The beautiful beaches make Chennai an excellent spot for travelling. Such locations are also usually in demand by people wishing to live tranquil lives. Thus, investing in plots near these attractive areas would result in higher and more sustainable returns in the long term. 

  • IT Hub and Educational Prospects 

South Chennai isn’t just any part of the city; it is buzzing with opportunities, especially if you’re considering education and IT jobs. South Chennai is fast becoming an IT hub. The job market has witnessed a major upsurge with companies setting up offices here. The IT parks and the tech companies — all mean one thing: opportunities. If you dream of a tech career, this is the place to be. DLF Cybercity, Chennai One, Brigade World Trade Centre, etc., are a few well-known IT parks in this region. You will also get access to the many IT hubs on GST Road and Tambaram.

When we talk about education, South Chennai is one of the most prominent locations. This area has been covered, from schools to colleges, with famous Educational Institutions like      Presidency College, Stella Maris College and SRM Institute of Science and Technology, one of the top-ranking universities in India. It offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes, brightening academic prospects. Medical colleges like Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Tagore Medical College are located in the vicinity of many residential and commercial complexes in South Chennai. This makes South Chennai one of the most prominent destinations for real estate.

  • Resale Value

Investing in plots in South Chennai offers a remarkable opportunity for impressive resale value. The inherent potential for growth in this area, driven by its suitable location and the ever-increasing demand for housing, makes plots in South Chennai a highly attractive prospect for resale.

As the city’s development continues to expand, the availability of well-located plots becomes scarcer, leading to a natural appreciation in their value. 

Strategic Locations for Plots in Chennai

Amidst the intricate landscape of Chennai’s real estate, certain areas stand out, holding the potential for increased future value. Thus, most people, including youth and experienced retired citizens, buy plots in South Chennai as a one-time purchase for their lifetime needs.

Some of these locations are Thirumazhisai, Kelambakkam and Guduvancheri. Each place doesn’t just offer a slice of the good life; they bring the best of everything together. The well-integrated transportation network, the presence of metro rail and rapid infrastructural developments ensure a good standard of living. 

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