Are you interested in investing in Chennai’s real estate? Then, you might want to consider plots in Thirumazhisai, a bustling neighbourhood that’s situated around 6 kilometres/15 minutes away from Poonamallee Junction. Over the last few years, Thirumazhisai has grown into a hub of business activity, with a steady increase in demand for housing. In addition to this, the commercial real estate sector has witnessed exponential growth, transforming Thirumazhisai into a prime destination for real estate investments. 

If plots in Thirumazhisai pique your interest, consider investing in Purva Raagam, a music-inspired plotted development from Purva Land — a reputable name in the real estate industry.

Why Should You Invest in Thirumazhisai?

Real estate investment in Thirumazhisai can prove to be a wise decision for the following reasons:

Affordable Property Prices

If you’re looking for a suitable locality to buy plots in, you can’t go wrong with Thirumazhisai. Compared to a few of the more central areas of the city, Thirumazhisai offers higher value for money. Not only is it more affordable, but it’s also a smart choice for first-time plot buyers and investors who want to get the most out of their investment. Plot rates in this area start from approximately ₹17 lakhs, making it a worthwhile investment within an attractive budget. 

Excellent Connectivity to Various Parts of the City 

Thirumazhisai is an excellent location for real estate investment in Chennai, especially if you want to be close to the city centre. A hidden gem in Chennai’s western suburbs, this locality is becoming a popular destination for real estate investors, thanks to its proximity to IT clusters and well-built infrastructure. The following pointers bear testimony to the seamless connectivity it offers:

  • The site has enhanced connectivity, with the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) offering extensive metro services for easy commuting
  • The area will soon have its own 25-acre bus terminal near Kuthambakkam to improve intra-city travel and prevent traffic congestion. The project is estimated to cost ₹394 crore
  • The National Highway Authority of India has planned a Six-Way Elevated Expressway going through Thirumazhisai, Sriperumbudur and Poonamallee, facilitating smoother interstate and intercity travel. The project is estimated to cost ₹2,165.27 crore
  • Chennai’s upcoming airport in Parandur is a mere 45-minute drive from Thirumazhisai. The project is estimated to cost ₹20,000 crore
  • Once the metro rail extension from Poonamallee to Thirumazhisai is complete, travel within the city will become synonymous with convenience and comfort. The project is estimated to cost ₹85,000 crore

Rapid Infrastructural Development 

Thirumazhisai is an ideal location to consider if you want to build your dream home or invest in real estate. The township has been witnessing a significant amount of infrastructural development. In fact, this is one of Chennai’s fastest-growing satellite towns, which could mean that property rates might skyrocket soon. It is definitely an exciting opportunity for real estate investors! 

Accessibility to Social Infrastructure

Easy access to social infrastructure makes Thirumazhisai an attractive location for real estate investment. With Educational Institutions like Alpha College of Engineering, Saveetha University, Spartan International School and Chennai Public School in the vicinity, Thirumazhisai stands as an attractive hub for families. The township also houses several Healthcare Centres such as Panimalar Hospital and Deepam Hospital, which is reassuring for anyone who wants to live here.

Availability of Professional Opportunities

Thirumazhisai is poised to become the seat of professional opportunities for the following reasons:

  • Its outstanding connectivity and proximity to employment centres, which makes commuting to work a breeze for residents
  • Its proximity to SIPCOT, a vast industrial area with around 24 industrial parks and 6 Special Economic Zones, offering many job opportunities
  • The township also boasts of numerous manufacturing units of companies like Lotte India, United Breweries Ltd. (Kingfisher Beverages), India Japan Lighting Ltd., The Coca-Cola Company, Stanadyne Amalgamation Pvt. Ltd., etc.
  • Automotive companies like Ashok Leyland, Royal Enfield, BMW, Nissan, Hyundai, Renault, Ford, Mitsubishi, Yamaha and TAFE Tractors have established a base in Thirumazhisai

Thus, a real estate investment here can be nothing short of profitable.


Thirumazhisai in Chennai is a promising destination for real estate investment. Its affordability, proximity to the city centre, developing infrastructure and a range of residential projects make it an appealing choice for plot buyers and investors. Purva Raagam is a residential plot project in Thirumazhisai with access to world-class amenities and infrastructure. Explore the plots offered by Purva Land and consider investing in one of its many premium plotted developments. 

One of the best things about Thirumazhisai is its potential for growth and development. That makes it an exciting market for anyone interested in Chennai’s real estate landscape. So, if you’re thinking of investing, it is worth taking a closer look at Thirumazhisai.

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