‘Exclusive NRI Plot Deals’ are nothing but special offers and dream opportunities introduced by real estate agents and developers, targeted exclusively for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) interested in purchasing plots in India. These lucrative plot deals are planned to match NRIs’ unique needs and preferences that encourage them to make an investment in their homeland plots located at exquisite destinations. Undoubtedly, the plot deals are worthy of real estate investment for NRIs as it includes various long-term benefits and ease of purchase without intricate formalities.

Benefits of NRI Plot Deals in India

  • Attractive Pricing: Special pricing, refundable coupons, seasonal offers, virtual fests for existing plots on sale give a money saving opportunity while NRIs make real estate investments in India
  • Convenience of Payment: Considering the currency conversion and remittance regulations, flexible payment plans are devised with end-to-end virtual assistance for a successful completion of plot booking. NRIs can also avail tax benefits on real estate investments
  • Hassle-Free Documentation: Individual assistance in diligently handling the required paperwork and legal formalities to fulfill the Indian standards and guidelines of plot booking from abroad
  • Property Management Services: Booking an expensive plot of land from overseas is not an easy job. Though there is no building or structure on an open plot, it requires a certain amount of maintenance that can be done using property management services, often packaged under a plot deal. Maintaining the plot well can further help to get a rental income in case the plot is offered on lease
  • Site Visits and Virtual Tours: The NRI buyers are given an overview of the property through various means. Personal site visits are open if the buyer is in the country, whereas comprehensive virtual tours are organized for a picture-perfect view of the plot to strengthen decision making. Besides, there are detailed plot brochures defining the geographical beauty of the location, striking features of the plot and how it can be best converted as a potential residential/ commercial property in the future
  • After-Sales Support: NRIs investing in exquisite plots in India can be rest assured about the aftersales assistance to resolve any issues or queries related to the purchased plot. This maintains transparency between both the parties, confirming a seamless plot buying experience in India.


Purva Land Announces an Exclusive Plot Fest for NRIs Seeking Dream Investment Opportunity in India

Purva Land launched in 2021 is the dedicated plotted development venture by Puravankara Ltd. Over the years, the brand has made its mark in the plotted development projects in the spectacular locations of Bengaluru, Chennai and Coimbatore.

The news of prime importance for NRIs currently is the ongoing The Biggest NRI Plot Fest, inviting NRIs to buy plots in their homeland. The end date for this exciting fest is August 15th 2023.Exclusive NRI Plot Deals: Dream Investment Opportunities in India by Purva Land

We bring a dream investment opportunity for the NRIs to buy a valuable plot in their homeland. Register at ‘The Biggest NRI Plot Fest’ to make the most of the NRI plot deals. The fest has already begun from July 24th 2023 and closes on August 15th 2023.

Start with making a registration of only INR 549* and get a coupon to avail the best price on premium villa plots. This NRI plot deal is unbelievable as buyers have a chance to save up to INR 20 lakhs*! Offer prices will be revealed on August 11th 2023, 23:59 Hrs.  Besides, there is an additional benefit of saving INR 1,00,000* on redeeming the coupon while purchasing the plot. Visit www.bookmyplotnow.com to view the existing residential and commercial plots inBengaluru, Chennai and Coimbatore. Purva Land’s themed plots are indeed one of the best real estate projects to invest for NRIs to stay connected to their roots and culture.  ‘The Biggest NRI Plot Fest’ is an opportunity for NRIs to diversify their investment portfolio by availing the best plot deals exclusively showcased for the NRI population.

Grabbing a wise plot deal will be a great decision for a secured future. Whether it is about building a retirement home, a holiday home or a complete family space, Purva Land plotted development reflects the opulence that you want in your dwelling space. Hence, being an NRI investing in a potential plot that will yield a higher appreciation value is a good deal to accept today. Believe in the quote “as you sow, so shall you reap,” this clearly states what you buy today will grow manifold in the future and the best plot deal you pick now will lead to a contented life.

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