Coimbatore is called the Manchester of India because of its growing economic trajectory and thriving manufacturing sector. It has seen a promising growth in the real estate market in recent years. People are now turning to purchasing plots in Coimbatore owing to the promising returns. 

Let us take a look at why Coimbatore is a promising location for plot investments!

Benefits of Buying Plots in Coimbatore

The picturesque city of Coimbatore opens up a world of exciting possibilities for prospective buyers. Here are a list of benefits of investing in plots in Coimbatore:

  • Promising Location

Coimbatore is strategically positioned on the banks of the Noyyal River and surrounded by scenic western ghats. It is connected to major cities with proper transportation via three national highways, rails, airports, and public buses. People with different budget constraints and investment preferences can invest in this promising location of Coimbatore, which has excellent potential for capital appreciation and rental income.

The robust connectivity network significantly reduces transportation expenses and dramatically shortens travel times, making real estate investment in Coimbatore a wise decision.

  • Industrial Hub

Coimbatore boasts a vibrant industrial landscape, home to approximately 25,000 businesses ranging from small to large enterprises, spread throughout the city. These industries span across various sectors, from textiles to IT. This ecosystem attracts several buyers to avail plots buying opportunities for investment here, making it an attractive destination for those seeking investment opportunities in land plots. The strong industrial presence in the region also translates into ample job prospects, with major employment centers like Saravanampatti, Kalapatti, and Avinashi Road, Singanallur flourishing in this dynamic environment. 

  • Educational Facilities

Coimbatore is an ideal educational hub. From top-notch primary schools like CS Academy, Kovaipudur, Kovai Vidya Mandir School, Delhi Public School, Coimbatore to renowned universities like PSG College of Technology (PSGCT), CIT (Coimbatore), Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College (SREC), it offers the best education in diverse fields such as engineering, dental and medical sciences, management, and more. This makes it an attractive place for families and increases the demand for residential plots.

  • Connectivity

The crucial reason to buy a plot in Coimbatore lies in its well-developed road connectivity. There are three national and six other significant highways: Avinashi Road, Trichy Road, Sathyamangalam Road, Mettupalayam Road, Palakkad Road, and Pollachi Road. Coming to railways, Coimbatore contributes approximately 45% of the total income in the southern railway zone. It has four essential railway stations. The Coimbatore Airport (Peelamedu Airport) is an international airport that caters to non-stop passenger flights scheduled to 9 destinations in 2 countries.

  • Other Types of Infrastructure

Coimbatore’s energy infrastructure embraces various sustainable sources, including wind, solar, biomass, hydro, and thermal energy. The city’s windmills harness wind power efficiently, while solar installations contribute significantly to its energy generation. Coimbatore’s aviation infrastructure is well-developed, with the Coimbatore International Airport and an Indian Air Force base in Sulur. The inclination towards purchasing plots in Coimbatore is quite evident from this strongly built infrastructure. Also, the healthcare sector is well-built and easily accessible.

  • Recreational Facilities

Lastly, the place also is in close proximity to several entertainment and recreation centres like Dare 2 Escape, Gravity Hop Trampoline Park, The Cinema Brookefields, and PlayZone Adventure Park, to name a few. This ensures that you have a good time here. From top-notch cafes to parks and cinemas, you can find everything here!


Some Projects that will Further Boost the Returns on Investing in Coimbatore Plots

The upward trajectory of growth and development in Coimbatore is ever-evolving. Following are some of the recent and upcoming projects in Coimbatore:


  • International Airport Expansion: The Peelamedu Airport (the international airport of Coimbatore) is all set to expand in Coimbatore, and this expansion is directly associated with the government of Tamil Nadu. An expanded airport will attract more airlines and potentially more domestic and international routes. The massive investment worth approximately Rs 2000 crores will make Coimbatore a more accessible destination, attracting more businesses and tourists. The expansion project will generate jobs and stimulate economic growth in the region. This economic activity will lead to an influx of people looking for housing for themselves and for investment purposes.
  • Defense Industrial Park: The Defense Industrial Parks often create a substantial number of jobs in the region. As people seek employment opportunities, the demand for housing and real estate in the vicinity will skyrocket, which will push land values higher. 


Which Places are the Best for Investments in Coimbatore?

The positive returns onreal estate investment in Coimbatoreare high for the above reasons. Some of the best places to invest in Coimbatore are Singanallur, Vellalore, Bypass Highway, and more.

Singanallur is the ideal place to invest your hard-earned money. The number of plot projects in this area is a testament to the fact that the plotted projects are in great demand here. Investing in Singanallur offers financial benefits and an enhanced quality of life. With a mix of modern amenities, cultural diversity, and a peaceful environment, it is a place where residents and business owners can thrive.

Purva Land – Invest With The Best 

Singanallur is more than just an investment destination; it is a place that combines economic potential with a high quality of life. Recognising this potential, Purva Land has set up a plotted project here – Purva Hibiscus. Spread across 4.8 acres on Trichy Road in the heart of Singanallur, Coimbatore, this project offers plots ranging from 600 Sq. Ft to 3700 Sq. Ft. This mixed development of residential and commercial plots is laced with amenities like Herb Garden, Amphitheatre Style Seating Stage, Aroma Therapy Garden, Butterfly Garden, Putting Green, Miyawaki Forest Planting, Reflexology Path and more.  

With the Purva Land project, let your real estate investment in Coimbatore earn the best ROI. 

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